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Lawyer is a person who is needed by many people in nowadays world. It is so because many people in all over the world face different problems which must them to follow some legal process. Since many of them are just common people, it is reasonable that the service of the lawyer is needed to guide them in the legal process which should be done.

One thing which becomes a problem here is that to hire a lawyer cannot be done by all people because of the cost which should …

Consumer Credit Counseling Services

Credit Counseling

Consumer debt is a well-known recur through countless of us superficial there, thanks to hugely of us conclude had some miracle of knowledge debt at an unambiguous phrase of our infinity. Turn the shift helps us promote wiser direction terms of pecuniary stability, the function that countless are calm conglomerate character this effortful should not duck our stress. …

What’s a trademark ? How to get a trademark in USA ?

What is a trademark?

A trademark is a symbol, word, design, phrase or a combination of all of these which is used to identify and distinguish the source of an item manufactured by one company from others.

How to get a trademark in USA?

The reason for getting a trademark is much similar to the patent. However, getting a trademark for a company or a product will establish its presence in the global market. Any customer can easily trust if the product is trademarked that it is created by a …

How to get a patent ?


What is patent?

A patent is a the property right granted for an invention and is issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. Patents may be filed out of necessity or it might accidentally occur during innovative thinking and brainstorming.

A patent can be applied by individuals, groups of inventors or corporation who have created their own innovative finding in any field. There is no age bar to file a patent.

Need for patent

When you invent something, it is possible that others might copy the same and claim …

Copyright : What to do if someone is copying your idea

Copyright Logo

Copyright protection is very subjective, expensive to achieve and very ambiguous in US.

There are different ways in which someone can copy your data. Two major ways in which someone can copy your idea are

• Copying

If you have a great idea which you share with someone, they might copy your idea and claim it as their own. This might happen UN-knowingly by the person who copies your ideas. However, there might be cases when they copy your work on purpose for money, success, reputation and what not.
Whether …

What’s a copyright ? The Basics About Copyright Registration


What is Copyright?

Copyright is the legal right, exclusively given to the originator or an assignee to a print, film, drama, publish, musical material, perform, or record literary, artistic and to authorize others to do the same. However, copyright law doesn’t provide any protection for ideas, facts, systems, methods of operation.…