Christian Premarital Counseling

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Getting married is one of the most important events in any couple’s life. Ideally a marriage is a lifelong commitment which links two people together spiritually and legally. Many couples receive some form of marital counseling prior to their marriage.

In most instances counseling occurs through a church or spiritual organization. The counseling session’s help couples strengthen their relationship and prepare them to handle potential problems. There are varieties of premarital counseling based on a couple’s religious and spiritual background. In some cases premarital counseling sessions are required when two people of different religious backgrounds want to get married.Visit the original post for more details.

Counseling sessions address potential problems which may occur due to the couple’s diverse religious backgrounds such as what church will the couple attend and how will the children be raised. Many couples especially those with Christian religious beliefs choose to attend Christian premarital counseling.

According to current statistics it is estimated there are currently over 2 billion Christians in the world making Christianity one of the world’s most popular religions. Christian premarital counseling sessions help couples approach marriage from a Christian perspective. The counseling sessions are often led by a Christian minister who is also a licensed mental health or pastoral counselor. Christian premarital counseling usually occurs at least six months prior to the date planned for the marriage ceremony.

Christian premarital counseling appointments may occur online or through email correspondence. In most cases counseling sessions occur face to face. The minister may meet with the couple on an individual basis for a few sessions or together for couple’s counseling. In individual sessions the counselor may discuss the separate duties of the husband and wife according to the Christian tradition.

The form of Christian premarital counseling may differ among different sects of Christian churches. However, most premarital Christian counseling session will have similarities regarding the content of the counseling sessions.

Wedding Hands

Topics discussed in the premarital counseling sessions may include marriage and the roles of husband and wife in the bible.

Another topic may be the importance of fidelity in marriage according to Christian teachings. Other aspects of Christian counseling include communication, how to raise a Christian family, and church and family life.

There may also be counseling regarding the couple’s finances and whether or not both members of the family will work outside of the home. During counseling sessions the bible is frequently referenced as many passages from the scripture contain advice on marriage and Christian living.

Even when it is not required by the church premarital counseling is a good idea for young and older couples. Christian counseling before marriage aids couples in strengthening their commitment to one another and living life according to moral and religious standards. In some respects if more couples went to premarital counseling sessions fewer marriages would end in divorce.

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